Peter Woodmansee, WB6POT

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I have had a great time in CW Academy meeting new friends while improving my CW skills. A big thanks to Tim, W7EEE, my Basic advisor, and Buzz, AC6AC, my Intermediate and Advanced advisor for their huge help along this journey. Also, to the co-instructors, associate instructors, and fellow classmates that helped in the many practice sessions. I hope to continue those sessions and stay in touch with all of you. This is a great community and I want to continue to improve.

I was first licensed in 1976 as WN6POT while in High School and shortly thereafter upgraded to WB6POT. I was mostly inactive from the mid-’80s until 2016 when I began to rebuild my station. The station is still a work in progress as it will probably always be, but every day I enjoy using it. I run a Flex6600 mostly barefoot, but do have an amp for those times it’s required.

I have always enjoyed DXing, contesting, and simple rag chews. In the past, most of my operating was on SSB, but since starting CWops last year I mainly find myself in the CW portions of the band.

Some of my other hobbies include wine making & grape growing. I enjoy hiking and have recently gotten interested in Summits On The Air (SOTA), a mix of ham radio and hiking. I use an Elecraft KX2 with the built-in paddles and either an end-fed or dipole antenna strung up between trees, or if there are no trees I have a small lightweight mast.

I look forward to seeing you on the air.

This biography is what appeared in Solid Copy when the member joined CWops.

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