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Thanks to Bill K0MP for nominating me to CWOps and to K8AJS, NU7Y, and K7QA for their sponsorship, I’m thrilled to be CWOps #2226.

My radio career started in the late ‘70s with a Radio Shack Globe Patrol radio kit, I was quickly hooked on HF and learned enough CW to copy QSOs late at night from far away. Then I found computers, and girls, and my ham career was put on hold for an EE degree, career, family, etc. Until 2016 when I rediscovered radio and earned my Extra ticket in April.

I joined the Milford (OH) Amateur Radio Club and at the urging of Bill WS6K started working some contests. I quickly realized the best Ops and real fun is in CW contesting – and the best of all is to Run Baby Run at contest speeds! After struggling for 18 months to learn CW from CDs and books, I got stuck around 8 wpm and Dave K8DV recommended I check out CW Academy. What a great program. Bill K0MP was my advisor for Level 1 and Level 2, and it was challenging and fun from the very start. Bill is a fabulous instructor and Elmer who taught us not just CW but about how to really use CW – and build our skills for a lifetime.

My current station is a Flex 6500 with an SPE Expert 1.5 Amp to a 160m OCF dipole in the trees. Look forward to working you all in CWTs and Contests soon!

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