Angel Luis Andres Fernadez, M0HDF – M8A

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First, many thanks to Jose EA2KV for his nomination and to all my sponsors – G3WZD, OK1RR, PF5X, PA3AAV, WW3S. I feel honored to have joined CWOPS.

I got my first ham license as EB2GOQ in Zaragoza, Spain in 1997 whilst doing my Industrial Engineering degree. I did not get much into radio apart from some portable with a VHF talkie whilst mountaineering in the Pyrenees. Through the journey of life, I have also lived in Delft, The Netherlands and Michigan, USA.

Currently, I live in Birmingham, UK and I work at Jaguar Land Rover as a Sr Manager in Product Engineering developing some great and very capable vehicles. Outside of work, I love sports, outdoors and I am a passionate skier. I have two young sons that keep us busy all the time.

My interest in radio was ‘re-ignited’ in 2012. I renewed my license as EA2ECG and got my UK license as M0HDF. At that time, my supporting wife Eva also got her callsign M0HJV. Shortly after, we built our first kit, a Genesisradio G11 SDR transceiver and got into HF. In 2013, I started learning CW on my own following the Koch method, after 9 months I did my first SOTA activation using a small CW portable rig and gradually got more involved in HF contesting. In late 2016, I got SCC callsign M8A for a debut in CQ WW CW from the Vulture Squadron Contest Group site. As of today, I am still trying to talk Eva into learning CW.

Main radio interests are CW contesting & DXing, SOTA, ARDF, homebrewing kits & antennas as well as the technical side of the hobby.

My station is made of an IC-7300, TS-590s, Acom 1000 & Begali Magnetic key. Antennas are very modest, wires in Spiderbeam fiberglass poles and a LZ1AQ RX loop in a small urban QTH. For /P work, I use a MTR 3-bander, QCX 40m and FT-817ND.

Lately, I have taken on SO2R and I am trying to learn this. The station build is still work in progress, as I yet need to add auto band switching. The CWT mini tests have proven a good practice ground for it and I am much enjoying them.

I am also a member of the following associations/clubs: RSGB, CDXC, DMUARS, G-QRP, G9V.

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