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I was 5 when I got my first transistor radio for Christmas and I have had a strong interest in radio ever since. I marveled at receiving stations from all over at night. Later, the interest expanded to listening to shortwave, scanner, and CB. I joined the CB craze just before it got popular. I knew about ham radio, but never thought I would be able to do code. My high school electronics teach (later a mentor) was a ham, and occasionally brought his 2 meter radio into the classroom. More than 10 years after that, I finally decided that I would try to get my Novice license and took a class sponsored by a local club. I was second to last in finally passing the 5 wpm test. I was so surprised, that I hadn’t studied for the written test. I took the test and aced it.

I received my Novice in 1986, shortly after, I studied for the Advanced and passed that, then went for the 13 wpm General license. That took a little more time but I passed that a couple of years later. I studied and got my Advanced class, but I stopped there, and stayed an Advance class operator for years. I never thought that I could get 20 wpm code, and really had no interest in code at that time. In 2012, I finally decided to get the no-code Extra license.

When the pandemic hit a couple of years ago, I decided that CW might be a fun thing to try again. I joined CWA, started taking classes and practicing with friends. I look forward to trying to do POTA sometime soon.

During my 37 years as a ham, I have served in a lot of club and public service events. I am currently the Emergency Coordinator for Washington County, Oregon ARES, an ARRL VE, Net Control on two traffic nets, and am Vice President for Chapter 108 of QCWA.

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