Manoj Ramawarrien, VU2CPL

CWops# 3337, from Bengaluru , Karnataka Bengaluru , India.---->View on Google maps

Born 1975, Licensed 1993 as VU2CPL. I started operations in Thrissur, Kerala with a simple homebrew QRP following VU2VWN OM Vasanth (SK) circuit which was the most popular one during those days. Later on graduated to SSB with the help of an old exciter which was originally made by VU2UCY OM Bhasi (SK). Went through different iterations of 807 tube QRO and some military surplus ( Redifone GR 345) during 1990s.

Was introduced to CW seriously by old timer Krishnan VU2KMK (SK) who was a keen QRQ OP and used to rag chew with friends from US on a daily basis during 80s. As a teenager who went to Krishnan to learn C language, I got attracted to Krishnan’s philosophy about CW and decided to become more proficient in the code.

Shifted to Bangalore in early 2003. Got my DXCC in 2015 and then 5BDXCC in 2017. 160m DXCC was issued in January 2019.

I stay with my wife and 2 kids near the Bangalore International Airport. It’s a semi-rural setting with noise levels lower than city and suitable for low band activity. I am using a Flex 6600M, RGO one and various other home brew radios. Antennas are Inverted Vee for 80/40 m, inverted L for 160 m and 60 m, Hex beam for 20-6 m and a 3 element LFA Yagi for 6 m. For Rx, I use Beverages and various loops like K9AY N6RK loop.

I operate all 3 modes phone, data and CW, but love to operate CW. Was leading VU7MS and VU7T and was part of AT5P operation. Other interests are travel, electronics, and computers. An airline pilot by profession.

Post 2019, I am using a Flex radio which is being operated remotely while I travel. Operating CW was tough on remote due to latency and inability to hear a sidetone. Recently I have figured out I can use CW from remote location WITH a sidetone which has enabled me to get back to my favourite mode.

Life Member of Amateur Radio society of India, member of local VU DX and Contest groups, INDEXA, CDXC and now CWops #3337.

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