Nol Garmendia , EA2EFI

A warm greeting to all the members of the community and a special mention to my mentor and supporters (Jose, Raul, Felipe and Stuart).

My operator name is “NOL” and I practice CW around the QRP calling frequencies, with my older and simpler equipment. Think of me as intrepid birdman: Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines. My approach to the hobby is shared and collaborative but not competitive, so I am not a contester. On the net you can find additional information about it, my QTH & Shack.

I am very excited about this group and hope to learn from all your experiences and wisdom… tips, tricks, etc. about telegraphy and radio. It is a distinction and a responsibility for me to wear the club’s logo.

I’ve been practicing CW for years and I have a special preference for manual sending: Vibroplex and semi-automatic machines.

Anyway if you come near my QTH and you have the opportunity… don’t forget to knock on the door. It is Already open!