Noe Matos Sardina , CO8NMN

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While looking for a CW operators group in Internet, I found information about the CWOps and decided to participate in the CWT mini contests each Wednesday. I found a group of operators with excellent CW skills and with a really good CW practice. I’ve enjoyed the CWT for months, participating and uploading my logs to 3830 reflector until I received a friendly email from K7SV Larry asking if I would be interested in joining CWOPS. I accepted the opportunity to become a part of this great group. Thanks a lot to Larry Schimelpfening K7SV, Jim Talens N3JT, Jason W1UJ and Claude VE2FK for sponsoring me and especially thanks for the big help received from Larry and Jim. Thank you so much!

In 1986 I touched for first time a CW key. I learned this new language and passed my first exams at 12 wpm late in the same year. This was the beginning of a long relationship. Many years after, in 2016, I restarted using the Morse code again, now within the world of the ham radio. Nowadays I am working to increase again my skills at using the code.

I enjoyed the electronic workbench. My first radio was a homebrew. It was a CW transmitter only for the 40 meters band with 3 vacuum tubes and running about 50 watts. I used this radio receiving with an old Hallicrafter receptor and I made my firsts DX’s with this setup. The second one from my factory was an SSB transceiver in 80 and 40 meters band running 60 watts. It is a hybrid (transistors and a vacuum tube 6146B in the power amplifier), and I am still using this one in some classic contests. I’ve used an old radio named SEG15. It was made in Germany and rebuilt in my workbench. It is a military transceiver with a low power amplifier but it works very well. My electronic bug is a Russian design made in the 80´s. It uses 5 IC TTL series and it was rebuilt at home too. All my antennas are wire monoband dipoles. So, my Station setup it´s really simple.

I am a CW lover and I specially enjoy the rag chewing. Besides that, I am a contester and I’ve worked almost all digital modes and some satellites like the ISS using the digipeater and connected to the PMS. The latter with the aim of sending messages to others stations in the world using a packet mode.

On the other hand, I worked like Sky Diving Instructor and Scuba Diving for many years. I am retired now, but I accept invitations from my friends in order to make jumps, diving, fishing, climbing or drinking some beers hihihi.

I spend my free time with my family and I work by myself like a private taxi driver during the tourism season.

I live in Santiago de Cuba in a nice place very close to the Caribbean Sea with my wife and my two daughters.

I am proud to be CWOps member and hope to meet you on the air soon.

This biography is what appeared in Solid Copy when the member joined CWops.

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