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I have an interest in electronics and amateur radio spanning over 40 years, ignited by a Christmas gift of a Phillips Radionic X40 kit at the age of 7 which involved building crystal radios and a myriad of electronic projects with my Dad. Tuning the radios, I built to the police frequencies and listening around mysterious and magical sounds of dits and dahs and films such as The Dambusters and listening to the moon landings also fueled my appetite for the hobby and mode of CW. I have latterly developed this interest into a serious hobby.

I spent 12 years in the armed forces, heavily involved in vehicles and logistics and although this allowed me to work around the periphery of sophisticated communication systems, I travelled too far and too often to become deeply involved.  I am currently 20 years serving police officer, and similarly, my work pattern would not support me in developing my fascination with radio to the fullest.

Some 4 years ago, and with the prospect of retirement from the police approaching, and my hobby of long distance running no longer viable, I began to invest in basic equipment to pursue my hobby.  After joining the RSGB in 2017, I passed Foundation, Intermediate and Full License qualifications, and in the same year decided to try the mode of CW.

This is when I discovered my real passion and have gone through the learning curve without once losing motivation.  This has only been possible with the support of my partner, Wendy, and long walks with our Old English Sheepdog Syd (named after Syd Barratt of Pink Floyd fame!).

The Advisors to whom I owe a debt of great thanks showed unstinting support and were determined to help us all through the courses to succeed. 

I have made a number of friends and many contacts along the way.  I’ve completed the first leg of the journey, culminating in my delight at being invited to be a member of CWops. There is so much yet to discover and I look forward to continuing to the next chapter: improving my CW speed and being involved in contesting and ragchewing.  My aim is to have CW as a second language. I would like to become an active a member as possible within the CWops, including taking the role of advisor once retirement from the police service frees up my time.

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