Mike Padron , N1CC

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I am honored to join your prestigious organization and I will endeavor to be a productive member. I am grateful for my nomination and sponsors.

I live in Scottsdale, AZ with my wife Laurie, our 17 year old daughter Julia (KJ7QIO), and our pups Maggie and Guapo.

I grew up on Long Island, NY and was fascinated with radios and airplanes. I was active on CB as a young kid, and even had a rig on my paper-route bike. I was intrigued by Sunday morning DX. The desire to speak to people far away and travel to their countries shaped my life. I began attending amateur radio classes on weekends. That was my first exposure to CW and I licensed as a Novice in 1974 at the age of 14 (WN2WHP).

My education and flying career consumed the next 18 years. When I finally settled in as an airline Captain, I moved to Sanibel Island, Florida and again turned my attention to amateur radio. I re-licensed as a Novice (KD4KQH) and progressed to Amateur Extra later that year (AC4TJ). The world was changing fast. Global supply chains were formed creating great opportunities. I enjoyed living in Alaska and Hawaii, where I predominantly flew the south pacific – pilot heaven.

My focus turned to raising a family. The joy of my life has been introducing my daughter to aviation and amateur radio, specifically CW. Julia soloed on her 16th birthday and became a ham shortly after turning 17. Her first QSO was CW.

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