Mike Hollock , NI4U

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Hello! I’m a former process engineer turned Air Force officer who loves tinkering in electronics, learning new things, and spending time outdoors with my wife and dog.

After SDR dongles piqued my interest in 2015, I went from zero amateur radio experience to no-code Extra in 3 months. I probably would have quit ham radio, if not for discovering this CW thing through my mentor and finding CWops. SSB isn’t my jam and the fascination with digital modes faded quickly. I graduated the Basic course in 2016, Beginner in 2020, and Intermediate in 2021. Next up, Advanced in April!

I’d describe my station, but I’m constantly churning through radios and antennas trying to discover the right combination for my ham-unfriendly QTH. Part of the fun is trying new things! As of this writing, I just sold my IC-7300 and bought a used K3S. I also own a few QRP rigs, including a KX2 and MTR3b. I’d like to transition from POTA hunter to activator soon.

Outside of amateur radio, I enjoy sailing the Chesapeake Bay, hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains, travelling the world, fly fishing in the Shenandoahs, and sipping a nice dram of peaty Islay scotch. I’m also the commander of a local Civil Air Patrol squadron.

For an adult, learning this CW business is downright hard. So I’m ever grateful to the CWops community and its volunteer advisors. You guys and gals turned my frustrations into joy over the past six years. Thanks to Bruce, K8UDH, for teaching me dits and dahs in basic class. Thanks to John, A1JDM, for kicking me out of your Intermediate class and challenging me to focus on improvement. Thanks to John, N8AA, for helping me learn instant character recognition in our Beginner class. Thanks to Mike, N5KB, for building my contesting skills in the Intermediate class. Thanks to Kurt, AD0WE, for all your Morse Ninja resources that improved every aspect of my CW skills (see page 15 in the February 2020 issue of Solid Copy). And finally, thanks to Tom, K4AEN, for being my Elmer throughout this journey.

I look forward to seeing you on the air and becoming a CWOps advisor in the future.

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