Mike Batis , KT5C

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I started out as WB5UDT, Advanced Class in 1976. My first rig was a Heathkit HW101. I sold the rig but still have the Heathkit wattmeter, clock, and electronic keyer. I got my Extra in 1982. I was very active through the 80s, then got busy with work and moved from Athens, TX to Tyler, TX, and did not get a decent station back until moving to my present QTH in 2007.

I have always been interested in electronics from childhood. I have always worked in some job that involved electronics. I was a radio/TV technician in early 70s, was a technical support representative for Curtis Mathes, a television manufacturer in Athens, TX. I held various technical and management jobs with them until they shut down in 1992. I moved over to a Motorola two-way radio shop as an RF technician and was there for 21years. There, I went through various technical and management positions, and managed our VHF paging network for several of those years. I have just retired from working as Technical Support Manager for a software company here in Tyler that specializes in performance management and monitoring software for Motorola Trunked radio systems.

I have been married to my lovely XYL for 23 years and we have a daughter that was recently married and lives in Oahu, Hawaii.

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