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First, thanks to my friend Mike (WO9B) for nominating me, and to Frank (K1EBY), Doug (KR2Q), Hank (W6SX), and Max (VE6RST) for sponsoring me. I couldn’t have made it here in my ham journey without George (NP2N), who kept me involved in ham radio during my college years, graciously inviting me to many events, and Chuck (W9WLX) who answered my endless questions when I got back on the air. It’s nice to be here.

I grew up outside Milwaukee and got licensed as a teen in 1994. I got extremely involved with radio, because I had the time, the inclination, and patient parents, who put up a longwire in our attic, ran coax to my bedroom, and put up with RFI on every device in the house. I did everything back then: CW, SSB, HF, VHF, contests, public service events, nets. Then college and grad school at Iowa State, a return to Milwaukee, engagement, marriage, apartment life, young kids, and a demanding career meant that ham radio went to the back burner for 15 years. A trip to Field Day 2019 inspired me to put my station back on the air, and inspired my son Max (then 7) to study for his Technician license (which he earned at age 8).

Still in 2019 I took some tentative steps toward getting back into CW, sending with my old straight key, asking for many repeats. One of the first whole words I learned to recognize was “AGN?” Two events helped immensely– the Slow Speed Test on Sunday nights, and the Slow Speed CW QSO Net in Milwaukee on Monday nights. Both are low-pressure environments which made improving my CW a fun challenge.

Right now everything on the radio is fun for me. I still try to get on the SST and the Monday net as often as possible. I especially like contests, portable/rover operations (especially Parks On The Air and VHF+ rover activity), and any exotic mode you care to name.

I share my QTH with my encouraging wife Courtney, 10-year-old Max (KD9NZB), 7-year-old Elliott, and a passel of pet rats. When I’m not on the air, I teach junior high math, scuba dive, play bass in a rock band, and write trivia and escape games. I’m a member of West Allis Radio Amateur Club and Milwaukee Repeater Club, and I’m a volunteer examiner with MRAC VEC. Thank you for the kindness and patience you’ve shown me on the air, and I can’t wait to pay it forward.

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