Marty Koszewski , N1VH

CWops# 1927, from Braintree , MA , USA.---->View on Google maps

I appreciate the opportunity to be a CWops member and join this great CW community.

I was first licensed as KC1DLJ, (Technician) in March 2015. I had interest in ham radio as a kid, but ironically, I was intimidated by the Morse Code requirements. I decided to finally get my ham license so that I could ‘legally’ operate FPV RC aircraft. As I studied for my Technicians License, a funny thing happened. I lost interest in RC aircraft and became intrigued with learning as much as I could about ham radio. I got my Amateur Extra license the following month, April 2015 and changed my call to K1MTK. I received my current, more CW friendly call, N1VH, 11/2016.

I operate low power and QRP. Because I live in a multi-tenant environment, I started operating QRP with a portable radio and antenna. Although I was having fun, operating time via remote QRP was very limiting. I decided to try to stealthily throw a multi-band end-fed antenna into some tress and run the coax into my apt. though a window patch panel. That first night with the end fed antenna, I was amazed at the number of DX contacts I was making. I was hooked! I upgraded to a 100W HF radio and dipped my toes into contesting. I recently joined Yankee Clipper Contest Club (YCCC).

I can’t express the value of joining my local radio club K1USN, in Braintree, MA. Being new to ham Radio, I was intimated getting on the air and had innumerable questions about set-up, antennas, propagation, tools, etc. I would like to express my gratitude to my K1USN Elmers and fellow CWops members: Pi – K1RV/#639, Rick – N1DC/#1257, Rich – K1DJ/#1556 (CW Academy Advisor) and Don – AA1V/#53. In particular, I sincerely appreciate Pi’s & Rick’s contagious passion for ham radio. I sincerely appreciate their patience and support in working with me and answering all of my questions. Thank you all.

I was intrigued watching Pi, Rick and Rich operate CW during special events and contests. As a result, I decided to overcome my intimidation, and based on Pi’s suggestion, I signed up for the CWops CW Academy. I can’t speak highly enough of my CWA experience and my CWA Advisor, Kim – K5TU/#1626. Kim (a fellow Texas A&M Aggie) went well beyond the call of duty by providing additional learning materials and extending our biweekly sessions to make sure everyone was comfortable with the material. Thank you, Kim.

I plan to continue to operate low power. I upgraded my antenna this fall and hung a 80/40/20/15/10 multi band end fed (I can tune to 160m as well). Although the antenna is still a bit limiting, I am able to get reasonable coverage of the US and limited DX.

My goal for 2018 is to participate in the weekly 0300 CWT’s and QSL with as many of my CWops members as possible. I hope to continue to develop my CW skills and will continue to be a big advocate of CW Academy. I plan to make it to Dayton again this year.

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