Marilyn (Emma) Melhorn, AF7MM

CWops# 3049, from Battle Ground , WA , USA.---->View on Google maps

My OM and I started in Amateur Radio in 2007. My father in law has been a ham since he was young and we wanted to contact him on the radio from WA to MO. After getting licensed I went to a General class and upgraded 2 months later. We are involved in Clark Co ARC in Vancouver WA. They have great Elmer group and a tower team so I was able to get a good education on what I didn’t know. I am also involved with YLRL and MINOWs a PNW YL group. I upgraded to my Extra in 2012, I think.

We ended up with a 65 ft tower with a beam on top, we also have a dipole crossing our property. My radios are a Yaesu FT1000MP and a Yaesu 7900, plus some handhelds and an old Drake that we started with that I just cannot part with.

A couple of my goals early on were to learn code and build an antenna. I’m learning code now through CWops (thank you!). I still have to build the antenna but I did build a radio. Another thing, I want to do POTA. I am also into contesting.

My OM is W7JCO and he keeps the radios, antennas and computers working so I can get on the air.

I am hoping to contact many of you on CWT.

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