Gary Huff, KW0J

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Thanks go out to Joe KK5NA for a nomination to be a member of CWops, and to John K0HD, Tony KB9LLD, and Frank K1EBY for sponsoring. I enjoyed the classes Joe gave. I’m proud to be part of a group of dedicated Hams keeping the heritage of CW communications alive.

A high school buddy who started listening to the shortwave bands opened my eyes to radio in 1969, showing me around the high school radio club. I assembled a Knight Kit Span Master short wave receiver ($25.00 mail order kit). With tapes and the radio I learned the code (probably improperly) and one evening I copied my first CW exchange of a ham radio station. This was so exciting! Well months later my friend got his Novice license and I had to get licensed! A gentleman named Dave K0AGJ (SK) mentored and tested me. He was a retired Army Signal Corps Officer who emphasized proper CW protocols and on air operating rules. He had a Collins S-Line and wow he let me operate it as a novice! My first call was WN0UZG and as a novice I built a five watt cathode keyed transmitter and got a Hammarlund HQ-170A receiver to get on the air. I made plenty of Q’s on 40 meters. My parents gave me the evil eye due to TVI on TVs and telephones occasionally but always supported me in the hobby, letting me erect antennas around the house.

I entered the Navy in 1972 becoming a Radioman, also they sent me to “Submariners’ morse code operators school” but was never assigned to a sub. After 4 years enlistment I graduated from college with a degree in electronics. I changed careers after 3 years and excepted an offer of a 4 year Apprenticeship for Journeyman Electrician. I worked in heavy industrial for 30 years. It was interesting, varied and challenging work, always requiring more training. I’m retired now for three years and totally enjoying retirement with my wife Barb, Ham Radio, my Corvette Coupe, and many grand kids.

I enjoy CW DX’ing, Rag Chews, RTTY, and a few contests on the HF Bands. I operate on 2 meters – 160 meters now. Occasionally we’re in a CW contest and I’m always on the lookout for another DXCC credit. I think POTA sounds interesting too. I normally operate my TenTec Orion II for CW and FSK but I like to fire up the tubes in my Drake C-Line from the 80’s too.

I’m a member of a couple of ARRL Ham Clubs locally. EIDXA (Eastern Iowa DX Association) and RBWOC (River Bend Wireless Operators Club). I’m active also in a local Corvette owner’s Club. A road filled with curves is like a nice RF sign wave! Incidentally when we had a boating hobby, we named our cruiser “Continuous Wave”.

I am looking forward to working members of CWops on the bands and further refining my head copy skills. 73

This biography is what appeared in Solid Copy when the member joined CWops.

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