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I was first licensed in 1968, at age 16. I was truly captivated by radio, and by Morse code. I remember staying up to chase DX AM stations at night. When a friend got his Novice, that got me started. I sat down in the kitchen with the code written out and memorized it in fifteen minutes.

I didn’t operate between 1970-88, and then from 92-02, and from 08-18. All of my hamming has been CW and QRP, using homebrew or kit-built rigs, and homebrew wire antennas (except for the 14AVQ vertical I used as a novice.)

When I returned again to the fold in ’18, I found the SKCC, and a home. I’ve been participating in many of their events, and I’ve set my Begali Signature paddles aside. I exclusively use a cootie now, mainly the incomparable TBFB, by W1SFR.

Last Summer, I became involved with WWFF-KFF, as a way to get out of the house. Through trial and error, I’ve collected a terrific, very small station that I can set up anywhere in about twenty minutes and be on the air on three bands. I recommend this activity, and I’ll happily provide whatever Elmering I can.

I suddenly find myself spending even more time than usual at home, so it seemed natural to expand my radio horizons, and welcome the camaraderie of many more fellow CW enthusiasts, as well as more operating opportunities.

Shown in my picture is my trusty K2 and my two cooties, the other by VizKey. The lava lamp is another successful recent shack addition.

I currently use a 20m EDZ at 50 feet, fed with ladder line, which loads beautifully on multiple bands. My other antenna is an 80 m dipole which has broken; the first warm day will allow repairs, and I hope to get it up at about 80 feet.

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