Keith Rowley , KU1N

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I was licensed in 1966 and like quite a few hams, I allowed family life and career to interfere and went QRT for 39+ years until 2014. I got back into ham radio by attending an ARRL Field Day and using the GOTA station, finding I still had my CW skills though at 13 wpm. I was blessed with my XYL becoming interested at the same time and she worked through the ranks and is an extra. It was exciting discovering the integration of computers with amateur radio. I had to learn computer logging, contest software, digital modes, reverse beacon networks, PSK reporter, etc. I quickly obtained DXCC, WAS, and Triple Play awards. Both myself and my XYL enjoy contesting. CW is my primary mode and I enjoy QRP CW contesting, getting a kick from the effectiveness of 5 watts and a simple wire antenna. I continue this QRP interest with the CWT mini weekly contests. It is great practice and a lot of fun.

I didn’t seek CWops,instead it came into my household via my XYL wanting to learn CW. A special thanks to CWOPS advisors Bill, AJ8B and Mac, NN4K whom I heard instructing my XYL and their students in learning CW. I am very impressed with the CW Academy program and the volunteer advisors who dedicate their time and expertise instucting CW. It inspired me to join, support, and become a lifetime member of the CWops community. Also thank you to my sponsors.

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