John Webb , AK4AT

On my way to becoming a member, I completed Levels 1, 2, and 3 of the CWOPS CW Academy program with advisors Paul Nelson/K4JAZ, Bill DeVore/W3PNM, and Joe Spencer/KK5NA.

I am located in Floyd County, Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains, on a farm situated on top of a 3,100 feet elevation ridge, with a 2,200 ft. longwire stretched across it in two legs.

I am a retired aircraft technician/flight line mechanic and real estate broker. I still operate a general printing business (see for QSL card printing!), and I am a pilot.

I enjoy all types of operating, including CW, Phone, Digital, Weak Signal Propagation, and the SOTA program. Other interests and hobbies are flying, antique clock restoration, weather & instruments, antiques, and mountain hiking.

Many thanks to Dan, K4FN for the nomination and for the sponsors who supported my nomination.