Jim Ewing , N4TMM

CWops# 1791, from Atlanta , GA , USA.---->View on Google maps

Amateur General License (around 1992); Amateur Extra License (2015) after studying Gordon West materials and the ARRL book, which prepared me well.  

I enjoy QRP; have an Elecraft K3/P3, Yaesu FT 817, MFJ 9020 and MFJ 9040 and also a Mountaintopper MTR5 (which I run with a Par EndFedz 20/30/40 or my AlexLoop); and recently built a 1Watter (SN 158; Very well kitted and fun to build and operate, around $44 from Kitsandparts.com – highly recommended for a hot little rig on 20m – on the spectrum analyzer it’s got a very clean signal, harmonics way down below FCC reqirements!)  Also enjoy operating a Banggood Frog Sounds rig that I just built (rockbound at 7.023 MHz), which can be bought for around $10.00 (also well kitted and laid out, fun to build).  Am a member of North Georgia QRP Club which is a great radio club around Atlanta.  I constantly run CW Morse Trainer and IZ2UUF’s apps on my Android phone while driving around town, in a never ending struggle to improve.

On CW in the shack, I use Kent Paddles and also Bencher paddles, and sometimes use a Speed-X key, my Kent Straight Key or my SKCC Key made by LNR.  Just bought a Vibroplex Original Deluxe Bug which I look forward to learning how to use.  On QRP with the Mountaintopper I use PalmPaddles which I love.  

Also I enjoy operating my throwback Yaesu equipment (FT747 and FT100) and my Collins KWM-2 (SSB)

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