Slava Sushych , UW3HM

CWops# 1810, from Poltava , Poltava , Ukraine.---->View on Google maps

I was born and raised in a small old town in the Poltava region, located on the hills near the river.

While studying photography at the station of young technicians, I first saw the antennas, and then the equipment of the collective radio station that was located in this building. I studied in the sixth grade of the school when I came to the collective radio station UB4HWO. Since that time, I started working on the air, discovered the world of radio waves, began to study the Morse code.

Given that I was a “fan” of radio, for a long time (before graduating from school in 1988 and getting my own callsign UB5HMS), I was the headman on a collective radio station. Then the institute, where I took part in organizing a collective radio station. We made equipment, antennas, worked on the air mainly Morse code on a self-made manipulator made of a relay.

Unfortunately, after graduating from the institute for a long time I did not have the opportunity to work on air. But I always wanted to go back and so I kept my license and callsign, sometimes I spent several QSO.

Starting in 2013, I began to work more actively on the air, the period of my return to the radio began, which I am very pleased with. I have restored the knowledge of CW and continue to improve, I get a lot of pleasure from it.

I am sincerely glad that I was accepted as a member of CWops, it is really important for me and I will try to justify the trust of people who believed in me.

This is my story, probably similar to the stories of other people who like their favorite hobby.

This biography is what appeared in Solid Copy when the member joined CWops.

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