Roger Cooke , G3LDI

CWops# 1843, from Norwich , Norfolk , UK.---->View on Google maps

I was licensed in August 1956 and have been an avid DX chaser since then. Fist big build transmitter was the Elizabethan, in a five foot rack, lots of smaller transmitters and then on to SSB exciter, linears and ATU’s. Spent a number of years teaching Morse at home, then at night school, then back at home again, still teaching, but this time up to 30 wpm and with an interest in contest operating and DX-ing. I have DXCC Honour Roll, all current countries confirmed with one exception, North Korea.

I have been writing since 1980, for CQ Mag, RSGB, 73 Mag and PW. I wrote “Morse Code for Radio Amateurs” and “RTTY and PSK for Radio Amateurs” for the RSGB.

I am Chairman of BARTG, AMSAT NA, FOC, FISTS and still run a DX Cluster and BBS although now on the Internet.

I have two children, and two grandchildren. I am also the programme secretary of the Norfolk ARC.

Other hobbies include music, classically trained on piano, ran my own band for 40 years, gardening, ornithology, and astronomy. I have been retired for 24 years and was a TV/Video Technician.

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