Jeremy Ayers, NM5D

CWops# 3450, from Las Cruces , NM , USA.---->View on Google maps

After receiving HF privileges with my Extra Class license in 2020, I wanted the experience of getting on the air with a radio I built. So, I purchased a QRP Labs QCX kit and put it together, but now what? The QCX is a CW only rig, and I didn’t know a dit from a dah. So began my Morse code journey. For me, amateur radio quickly become as much about CW as about radio.

After working with and phone apps to learn the characters, I discovered CW Academy. I signed up at the Basic level to improve my instant character recognition, then proceeded through Intermediate and Advanced classes. CWA gave me the tools to continue improving, and a community to keep me motivated.

I was honored to be nominated for CWops membership by Mark K5GQ. I’d like to thank Mark and my other CWA advisors, Quinton NU7Y, and Serge KK7RR. Thanks also to K5GQ, NE5A, K5UV, KT5C, and KM4FO for sponsorship and the QSOs. Finally I’d like to thank Jerry K0ES for hosting extra practice session.

I look forward to improving my operating skills, and to put CW to work in contests, at POTA parks and on SOTA summits.

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