Goran Ostman, SM6DHF

CWops# 3471, from Skovde , vastra Gotaland , Sweden.---->View on Google maps

First of all, thanks to Jens SM0HEV for the nomination and to SM1TDE, SM5AJV, SM5IMO and

SM6MCW for sponsoring the nomination.

I was born 1947 and married to Gun-Mari since 1970 and we have one daughter and two grandchildren. Started as most hams did with BC-DXing and became later interested in amateur radio and got my call SM4DHF in May 1966. After a couple of years with CW only license I was able to upgrade and buy my first transceiver, a Galaxy GT550 in beginning of 1969 and now the real challenge of working DX started. Chasing DXCC has always been a thrill and in the end it was a chase on all bands and modes from 6-160.

XYL and I have always been interested in travelling and it is great way to also include some DX-operations. XYL has never mind carrying some radiostuff and it sometimes happened that she asked if it was not time to go on a radiotrip again! Apart from 10 weeks with backpackers in South East Asia without radio, there has been operations from ZB2, VK, 3D2, YJ0, ZK1, SV3, TI2, CX, including some CQWW contesting with the highlight of my life, winning WW as CU2F on 20m CW LP in 2003. That operation as guest operator at a local ham where I could use the antenna with my rig from the best location I have ever operated!

I took early retirement in 2009 after working mostly for Ericsson with purchasing and logistics of production of Land Mobile Radiosystems.

At retirement we moved to an old little cottage from 1790 in a small village at Lake Hjalmaren, way out on the country side. The 12 years we lived there was a great location for radio. Quiet and with space for bigger antennas also on 80 and 160 m. The move from SM4 after 55 years of hamming to SM6 in 2021 was because we accepted to take care of daughter’s and son-in-law’s house while they were off to Ethiopia for three years work. It is interesting with life changes, so we accepted. Sold off tower and all antennas and later the house including all furniture and took off in a caravan for 6 weeks around Sweden. Free as birds! Activity changed a lot in SM6 as I got very interested in WWFF, working others but also as doing portable operations myself.

We have finally had to find our own living and now it was time for an apartment right in the city center of Skovde. Now I do all radio operating remote with just a simple Windom antenna outside town. All operating I do at the moment is working WWFF/POTA/SOTA and taking part in contests. CWT is real fun and I regret I never did it when I had big antennas!

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