Ini Cerda, EA6EJ

CWops# 3276, from Palma de Mallorca , Balearic Islands , Spain.---->View on Google maps

I was born in 1956 in the beautiful island of Mallorca. I studied medicine, specialized in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and I am currently active in the reference hospital in the Balearic Islands.

I’m hoping to retire next April and thus increase the QRM on the bands. Hi, Hi. Although my other hobbies include cycling with friends, close-up magic, good food and good wine… I don’t know if I’ll have time for so many things, especially if I take into account that in February my first granddaughter will be born. Hi, Hi!

Back in 1975 I made my first forays into the world of CB and active beacon listening, much earlier, on a commercial OM receiver. In 1976 I obtained my license and have used the same callsign ever since.

I started and progressed in the world of telegraphy from the beginning with the help of other radio amateurs from the Air Force (EA6DO sk) and commercial aviation. With the help of a good friend (EA6DD SK) we set up a PA with an 813 tube, hand winding the primary and secondaries and so on. Hi, Hi. Part of 1983 Hispania CW Club primal core (HCC-023).

Since then and almost uninterruptedly I have maintained contact with the telegraph bands. Due to the COVID confinement, I modernized the station and made the big step from analog to digital and entertained myself by entering my contacts into the computer. A lot of work, but also many compensations and facilities. What a difference with new technologies!!!

I remember with great pleasure those pile-up with JA, VK, ZL & W stations many years ago… Although EA6 is not a country as in demand as in my beginnings, I still enjoy to be active on bands… Also very proud of EA6AOL, Pedro, my son, with his recent license and telegraphic knowledge.

Thank you for the kindness and friendship with Jim, N3JT, who very kindly and insistently introduced me to our fantastic world of CWops.

In the presentation photo you can see me driving a QRP station in one of our paradisiacal places located in the south of the island.

It will be a pleasure to meet you in the bands.

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