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Thanks to all who invited me to Cwops.

I was born in 1963 and licensed JI1RXQ in 1975. I have been enjoying CW since 1976. When I started CW the solar cycle was getting up and the peak was 1979.In this cycle I enjoyed 15m band very much with my TS520 and 4ele Yagi. I worked many DX stations in this cycle. It seemed 15m band was 24h DX band.

I entered university in 1982 and got a membership of club station where I found the pleasure of contest. Here after I mainly enjoy CW contest.

After graduating school I started working for a company. In 1997 I set up my HF Yagi again and started enjoying CW contest. Around 2000, this time solar peak, I enjoyed 10m band especially. After this cycle, we are not able to enjoy 10m band like before because of the change of solar cycle. It is a sad fact. My main station since 1975 is located in Shimotsuma, 60km north of Tokyo, and my home is now located in Koga, 25km west of Shomotsuma.

I have simple station in Koga too. From Koga, now I operate 40/20/15/10m using a trap vertical and an FT950. From Shimotsuma, 160/80/40/20/15/10/6m using 1/4wave slopers, Yagis at 22m tower and an FT2000.

About keys, I love using a KENT double lever which I got 20 years ago. It is not an expensive key but is very smooth maybe because of using bearings. I have a VIBROPLEX double lever also, which I got in 1983. It seems BENCHER is very popular to CW operators but the BENCHER touch is not comfortable for me.

I am looking forward to seeing you all on the air.

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