Gordo Anderson, KG7YU

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It is my honor to be a member of CWops and I would like to thank Walt KC8J for the nomination and my sponsors; N3JT, KR2Q, W6SX, WS1L, K6RB, N7US and KC7V.

I grew up in Sunnyside, Washington, located in the south east corner of the state and later moved to the Tri-Cities area. My dad worked full time on the Hanford project and also ran a model airplane hobby shop in a small building behind our house. In the 60s the radio control electronics was not as sophisticated as today and required a lot of “tweaking”. I was always fascinated by radio control and fell in love with electronics at a very young age. My dad would buy ARRL books for me to read to learn more about radio. I would spend hours looking at and studying all the wonderful projects.

This early exposure to radio had a profound impact on my life and career. I went to college and earned an electrical engineering degree and then spent most of my career at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory supporting mass spec research by developing specialized instrumentation. I retired early and now run a product development company building instruments that support research with mass spectrometers.

In my youth I never had an amateur radio Elmer so it was not until the early 90s that I finally decided to get my license. KG7YU is my first and only call sign, I was licensed with an Advanced class license in early 1992 and upgraded to Extra a few months later. I have always loved CW: It’s not easy for me and I really have to work at it, I think that is why I love it! Most of my experience is CW. It’s a bit magical that you can carry on a conversation by just making and breaking contacts!

Like many amateur radio operators’, life interrupted my hobby for a number of years and in 2019, in the middle of COVID-19, I re-energized my interest. I met Rob, K6RB, on the air and he told me about the CWops academy. Following his recommendation I enrolled in the Intermediate class. This was pivotal for me, the instructor Roy (KK6M) did a great job and was also a great mentor. Through this class I learned how to contest. I am now active in CW contests. I also found the SKCC group, bought a BUG and spend as much time as I can on the air with a mechanical key.

I support as many amateur radio and CW organization as I can, the impact of radio is much more than just making contacts, in my case it helped me focus my life’s goals. I am proud to be a member of CWops and support their mission advancing the art of CW. I have found lots of very knowledgeable radio operators to help me on my journey, and many great organizations working tirelessly to advance radio and CW!

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