Dani Perez, EA5M

CWops# 2979, from Cehegin , Murcia , Spain.---->View on Google maps

Thanks to EA4M, and my sponsors 9A1AA, EA1X and EA4OR. It is a real pleasure to be in this great group.

I started in ham radio at the age of 11. A German ham radio neighbor introduced me to the ham radio “virus.” When I was 12 I set up my first radio. A kit, with four quartz crystal channels, for the citizen band (CB) and 3 W. This kit was from the Spanish company SalesKit which I keep with great affection, now it is 45 years old and still working !!!

With this Kit and a resonant dipole attached with rods to the roof of my house, I began my first steps into the world of ham radio. At the age of 18 I started practicing CW and got my first ham hadio license EB5GMS; followed by EA5GCT, EA5FV and currently EA5M. My godfather was EA3PI, Juan Aliaga Arque (Silent Key), great promoter of Spanish amateur radio, through his innumerable publications in the CQ RadioAmateur in Spanish language and his books dedicated to amateur radio. He was a great visionary of his time. Once he told me “The future of amateur radio is contesting and never put Morse code aside.” I always believed him, and here I am.

So my interests throughout my entire career as a radio amateur has always been CW mode and contests. I live on the outskirts of the city, in a natural environment and surrounded by mountains. Outside of competition, I like being in contact with nature and activating SOTA references. My favorite sport is MTB (Mountain bike). I am an electronic technician, this has helped me a lot to develop my radio station that was a great advantage. However, despite living on the outskirts of the city, my location sometimes is noisy to US and EU paths. What a pity !!! But I’ll always be there, trying to get your signal out of the noise.

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