Gerard V.d. Craaf, PA2G

CWops# 3107, from Capelle aan de Ijssel , Zuid Holland , Netherlands.---->View on Google maps

I want to thank CWops for the warm welcome.

Let me take this opportunity to thank my Annie and my children Mike and Larissa and my grandson Jayvano for the opportunity to do all my hobbies. And the encouragement to do it now before you know it is all over again, and I grabbed it with both hands.

Would like to thank my advisors who helped me to make my dream come true (despite my dyslexia) Duncan, G3WZD; Theo, PA3HEN and Hanz, YL3JD (who also nominated me) and of course my thanks to my sponsors Lutz, DM6EE; Helga, IN3FHE and Henk, PA5KT. Further I want to Hans, PA3GXB; Thieu, PA0M and the people of PI4DEC for the steps and support over the past years and also my fellow students David, CT7AUP; Leon S55AC; Manos, SV1DAY, Marian, OM5MI, Neno, 9A6ZE who certainly helped me to complete all the four courses in just over a year. From that group there are now also three advisors at CWops. In case I have forgotten people at this time my thanks for that.

I have been a radio amateur since 1990 the first two years as SWL and since 1992 with a call and also still SWL. I have more hobbies than ham radio: sea sailing, scuba diving, golfing hcp 4.4, cycling, fitness, and camping in the great outdoors. I sailed for 14 years as a ship engineer at a tow salvage company (SMIT-TAK Dutch Glory) and travelled a lot for my work. And now I work for Air Liquide in the Europoort/Rotterdam (The Netherlands) as rotating equipment expert.

For years I have been trying to master CW, but one way or the other it didn’t work out. Now I have a rule never give up.

And whether it was the time or not, no idea, during the CWops courses it just fell into place and I am still amazed that I succeeded.

And also, the book by Ronald D. Davis The Gift of Dyslexia gave me an opening to approach things differently, a world opened up for me.

I also try to participate in the Wednesday CWT which is for me a good learning experience and I hope to make many connections in CW and during the contests. Work with an IC7300 and a long-wire antenna with an AT130E. I live about 6 meters below sea level and the wire antenna is hanging at 7 meters, simplistically that is about 1 meter above the ground.

All in all, my family are the most important, I have deep respect for my wife Annie she arranges everything in the house and outside and also has a job with the police force where she is already 42 years in service.

And now the next challenge to write a book triller/detective where also the radio amateur occurs.

This biography is what appeared in Solid Copy when the member joined CWops.

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