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I am a ham radio operator, Harley biker chick, gamer, author and musician. Throughout my life I have loved to fish, hunt, shoot trap, off-road ATV and shoot pool. I got my nickname “Flip” after rolling my 1964 Chevelle Malibu, four times, while attempting to go around a corner on a highway in rural Wisconsin. I was 16. I’ve been Flip ever since. I am retired from being a: fire chief, sheriff’s posse member, bond enforcement agent, emergency communications coordinator, search & rescue volunteer, commercial EPDM roofer, web programmer & IT professional, among other things.

I work no more than 100 watts and spend some of my radio time working QRP/QRPp. I enjoy CW mode the most. You’ll find me on the low end of 40 or 80 meters or the WARC bands, most frequently. I also love contesting, DXing, rag chewing, HF nets and talking to far away friends. My husband, N9DRS, and I live full-time in our RV and my RV HF station is a lot of fun. I have played acoustic guitar for over 52 years now. I love to read and I write blogs, short stories, submit freelance journalism and have a novel in the works.

Along the way on my ham-life journey, I’ve become a Volunteer Examiner for three different VECs, I’ve written articles, I’ve blogged, and I’ve taken most of the EmComm and FEMA classes in emergency communication. I’ve been on TV promoting Field Day and I’ve done radio shows talking about ham radio and even about being a YL (young lady) in radio.

I’m on the HF radio almost every day, and I enjoy it now even more than I did when I started, back in 1994. I love being a ham!

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