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Started in Feb. 1957 when got a small Heathkit AR-3 receiver for Christmas, built by Uncle W7FIP in Billings, Montana. I was 15 at the time. I enjoyed working DX at a young age, and to this day DX is my main interest

CW was always easy for me, so for DX it was good back in the 50’s with only 50 watts and a small 3 element tri-band up 25 feet I could work the world; lucky for me, we lived on the edge of a hill and Europe was an easy hop for me back then.

During College I came home on weekends to work contests and DX to add to my total. I still enjoy a pileup trying to figure out the pattern of the op’s on the other end, and hopefully to put a new QSO in the log.

My present station is Yaesu FTDX-5000D and either an old Drake L4-B amp or an Alpha 76A amp; the antenna is a very old TH-6DXX but still works very well and a 2 el 7 MHZ Beam at 65 feet, the TH6 is on the same tower at 55 feet. I also have vertical for some of the other bands, and off the tower I have an inverted vee for 160-40.

After 61 years I still find CW to be relaxing and fun. I do work SSB, depends on what DX is on and if I need it on a band. IN a nutshell, that is my main interest in radio to this day..

I also still enjoy getting traditional QSL cards, either direct or via the bureau. I have many shoe boxes full of them, hi.

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