Elliott Medrich, N6PF

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I go by “Eli” on air.

I have been licensed since 1960. As an early teenager CW came easily, and for many years I operated 100 percent CW. I could copy 35-40 WPM in my head and read or carry on a conversation at the same time. Those magical days are in my past. Such is life. I have always loved the cadence and sound of good CW. My Elmer was Josh K2MMS, now N7XM. He taught me CW and kept at me to improve my skills.

I began in radio with a DX-20 and an HQ-110. I learned a lot about CW and DX as a novice. I had one 15 m crystal, a Vibroplex key and I worked the world. All CW. It was a great feeling. My call was WA2VFU (New York).

I had little time for radio after I went off to college and beyond. Just as an aside, when I was a graduate student, we needed to show competence in a second language. I spent considerable time trying to convince the powers that be that Morse code should be considered a second language, as it had all the attributes of another tongue. Needless to say, that didn’t fly. But, in fact, I always think CW demands the skills required for learning any new language.

Like many others, my adult radio days were constrained by work as a statistician and family. It took many years before I had time for the hobby I love. It was interesting that although I was away from radio for many years, my CW skills were there when I returned — never lost.

Currently, my equipment includes an IC-7610, a Mercury IIIS solid state amp, an OptiBeam Yagi, a K6BT 40M Vertical, wires for the low bands, and my trusty Begali Signature.

Since my novice days, my main interest has been DX. I have many awards including DXCC Honor Roll, 5 Band WAZ, and 5 Band WAS. QSOs are a little harder to find on CW in the DX world these days, but I do what I can to be there when the bands are open, and I chase what I can find.

Thanks for my CWops sponsor Bruce, AH0U, and to those who supported my nomination. I am pleased to join this group of committed CW ops. We hold an important place in today’s amateur radio world.

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