Ed Bradshaw, KJ4R

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I would like to thank N3HEE for nominating me, and W7EE, K0SN, K7SV, K4BAI, KR2Q, and K7QA for their sponsorship.

I was licensed as a 5 wpm Novice in 1993. One of my biggest regrets is that I did not get involved in this great hobby until I was 29 years old. For me, ham radio has always been about CW. I do try some other modes, but if ham radio ever becomes a non-CW hobby, then I will be among those that quietly find something else to do. I am glad that CWops is helping to keep CW alive and well today!

My first rig was a well- used Kenwood TS 530 with an inverted Vee that had an apex of about 30 feet. I made a promise to myself that I would not hook up the microphone to that rig until I passed the 20 wpm test that was required at that time to get an Extra class license. I made a lot of 80 and 40 meter rag chew QSOs in the Novice bands working my code speed up as I went along. I started out writing everything I copied down on paper but eventually got to the point that I could head copy. It took a while to get my speed up, but I passed the 20 wpm test, and that Extra class license opened the door to the lower CW sub bands where I began to explore the world of DX. Along with chasing DX came the need to invest in faster keying methods so I got both a bug and a paddle that allowed me to keep pace.

I enjoy any CW related ham radio activity. In 2016 I built a QRP rig and joined the NAQCC. I found that I especially enjoyed the challenge of QRP CW. I’m also a member of the SKCC and the SECC. I’m not a very competitive contester, but I enjoy the challenge and try to participate in some of the CW contests when my time permits. I hope to be more active in the CWTs in the future.

I’ve spent almost my entire working career with the same company as an automation controls engineer. I am looking forward to retirement but I’m still a few years out from that milestone. My wife and I will celebrate our 35th anniversary in 2022, and we have two daughters and 4 grandkids. My other interests are playing the guitar (been at it since 1978 and sometimes it’s hard to choose if I want to play guitar or CW??) I also enjoy backpacking and hiking and get on the trail as often as I can.

I am looking forward to being a part of CWops and helping to keep the tradition of CW alive.

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