Ed O’Neill , M0TZX

CWops# 2462, from Leicestershire , Leicestershire , UK.---->View on Google maps

I was first licensed in 2016 with the UK Foundation call sign MI6IGA. I then operated with the Intermediate call sign 2E0HRB. I passed the UK Full exam in 2017 am took the call sign M0TZX.

This year I am 39 years old and live in the center of England in a town called Market Harborough. I am originally from Northern Ireland but relocated to England 15 years ago.

I have been interested in radio communication since I was very young. My grandfather used to build receivers as a hobby, and this fueled my fascination and enthusiasm for radio.

I started teaching myself Morse Code in 2017 but made slow progress at the start. I made the classic mistake of learning a reference table of dits and dahs to begin with. In the summer of that year a new member joined the radio club that I attend and began offering Morse classes. The group of learners that I was in originally had five members but one by one these all dropped out until it was just me left. These classes helped to straighten out my previous errors and set me on the right path.

I fell in love with The Code and started to read all that could about it. This research led me to CWops and I was lucky enough to attend the Intermediate course in late 2019 and the Advanced course at the start of 2020. By working with CWops, I made rapid progress and proficiency followed.

In my spare time I teach radio twice a week at my local radio club. I also enjoy music, particularly blues, and play guitar, harmonica and piano. My other big passion is cooking. I hand make all of my own dishes and try to avoid anything pre-prepared.

I will be eternally grateful to the amazing guys that trained me. I will not mention names here so as not embarrass anyone, but you know who you are.

This biography is what appeared in Solid Copy when the member joined CWops.

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