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My thanks to the many CWops who’ve encouraged me with many enjoyable rag chews and sponsoring me I am proud and grateful to be so welcomed to CWops.

I first saw daylight April 2, 1951. My interest in Morse Code started when I was a cub scout about 1959-1961 when a Local Ham operator visited my troop. I acquired an old 3 band wooden cabinet radio that had a single short wave band then my dad gifted me with a Radio Shack DX-160.

Encouraged by my mom I searched for a local Elmer and I found W1MV (now a club callsign); Worked with vinyl disc code practice records until I was able to copy fairly well at 40 wpm. My Elmer administered the Novice Exam and Code test .. and I was soon blessed with the call WB1ESN.

Life and poor choices, I let my ticket lapse but in hope of getting a new license I practiced Morse on a little code practice unit. One day I took my family to a drive in movie and, before the movie started, I was practicing, while family went to the swing sets under the big screen.

KB1W Lenny Bean, chanced to be at the same drive in with his family, heard me practicing and walked over to say hello. On learning my situation he mentioned the FCC ‘grace’ period was still in effect so I only had to take my General Class exam. Life Saver! He is a great friend.

A successful trip to Boston FCC office won me the General Class ticket. Since then I’ve been a Contester, ARRL traffic Net Control, and tried most aspects of Ham radio. Contesting encouraged greatly by KB1W, K1RQ (SK), K1TTT and many YCCC ops.

A ‘high point’ came with a group of CW ops known as Chicken Fat Operators CFO most of whom were bug operators (I owned a Vibroplex Standard)the CFO did wonders for my Code Speed some of them could QSO at 60 WPM or even faster. I can understand “receiving” at those speeds but to this day I cannot figure how to send that fast hi hi.

I have a seriously small and cheap station (Alpha a gift from KB1W)and all wire antennas; All CW.

More info on my QRZ page.

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