Didier Cadot , F6BCW

CWops# 2818, from Tronchy , Bourgogne , France.---->View on Google maps

Born in 1951

SWL 1966/1970 – F6BCW since 1970. Member of REF – UFT – CDXC – F6KJS – CanHam Group – CWops – F6KOP

Call for long stays: FO8EG 1973/1975 – FM0COO 1976/1978 – CT2FN 1983/1986 – FM5ES 1986/1988

Call for short stays: 6W/F6BCW 1976 – J28/F6BCW 1990 – TX5EG 2012 & 2017 – TX7T 2019 – FO/F6BCW 6 months since 2012 – FG/F6BCW 2019 – FM/F6BCW, many times since 1999.

Who am I? Engaged in the French Navy as a Radio (operator, technician, then development engineer), I left the Navy in 1990. I then created my SME / SMI Strategic Consulting Company, focused on the Quality, Safety, and Environment sectors. I sold my business in 2016, I was 65 years old.

Since the age of 16, I have always volunteered in Radio Clubs. I started teaching CW and technique in 1969, and I never stopped.

My technical passion is the development of antennas in order to optimize their performance in their environment.

My traffic passion is CW, which I consider to be the ultimate radio craft activity. In 1990 I had counted more than 110,000 CW QSOs, out of competition. Since that date I stopped counting … I practice the Pickaxe, the Vibro, the electronic manipulator and the PC keyboard.

My passion, DXing, has always been great human and radio adventures for me.

I operate on all bands from 160m to 2m.

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