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First of all, I would like to thank Van Richardson, N5TOO, for his mentorship, Elmering, and patience in my journey into CW. I would also like to thank the members who supported my nomination.

I was born in Colorado Springs, CO in 1970. Growing up there at the foot of the rockies, my first foray into radio was with a Radio Shack / Realistic Patrolman SW-60. I got a bit of the SWL-bug, transfixed with the distant, echoey, static-filled signals from far off lands. By this time, the early- to mid- 1980’s, the Cold War was still in full swing. I recall stumbling upon a number’s station or two and thinking that I was eavesdropping on the pulse of history-in-the-making.

As I got older, my radio interest was pushed aside by a love affair with aviation. I would go on to get my pilot’s licenses, a degree in aviation from the University of North Dakota, and a career as an airline pilot.

It wasn’t until after the financial troubles of the late 2000’s that my interests turned back to radio. During this time, I came to believe that the preservation of older, more resilient and robust technology and know-how was really important. So I decided that I could do my part and become a ham.

I have many weaknesses and limitations in life – don’t we all – but I was “blessed” with a talent for taking multiple choice tests. This, plus the FCC’s publication of the test bank questions, allowed me to eventually pass the Amateur Extra exam.

Honestly, to this day I’m more excited about doing more with less, about mastering the foundational basics of radio, than I am about the latest digital innovations. With nothing more than 100 watts and a simple antenna, working a European station on a CWT brings a thrill surpassing anything I’d feel from getting a digital HT programmed just-right. I’m not disparaging those who are digital aficionados, not at all. I’m thankful that amateur radio is a big and diverse hobby.

Apart from the radio, my interests are wide and varied, perhaps even nerdy, they include:

  • Following Formula One auto racing. (Who will eventually unseat Mercedes? Come on…we’re waiting!)
  • Enjoying classical music, especially the classical piano repertoire. (I love listening to the 20th century greats, from Vladimir Horowitz to Glenn Gould.)
  • Spending time in kayaks and canoes, especially in my earlier days (My longest trip was a 6-day journey down a section of the Mississippi in a 17’ sea kayak.) XXX

Going forward I’m looking to enhance my skill level as there is still so much to improve. It’s an honor to be a part of CWOps and I cannot think of a better organization for fostering the art and science of CW to new generations. I am certainly looking forward to further developing my CW skills, getting to know the CWOps community, and helping to encourage the art of CW.

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