Dave Krueger , AB0DK

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I got my Novice and Tech license when I was 12 in 1965. Dad drove me across the town of Milwaukee once a week to attend code and theory classes at Allied Radio. It wasn’t until about 1969 when I could actually afford a Vibroplex that I finally did buy a “Champion”. I used that with an Elmac AF-67 transmitter and a cheap old “Sound Design” portable SW radio. (I used the spot function as the BFO).

So fast forward to 2018. I have my dream. When I was a kid I got hooked on the idea of having a tower. Well in this season of life (about 50 years later) I finally put one up. It has a 3 element tri-bander, a 13 el 2M Yagi, a 5 element 6 meter Yagi and a 2M-440 j-pole at the top. It’s all turned by a Yaesu G-1000DXA and has a hefty mast. 40M and 80M dipoles are hung off a side mount at 33 ft. So, point and wait for the good things and they will eventually come. I love CW. I also use other modes but I can truly “chill” when I use CW. I am grateful to be a part of CWops and hope to see you on the “8s”.

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