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Born in August 1967, my interest for the hobby started back in 1980, when I was a young boy. That time, besides regular courses, a teacher learned us some basic things about homebrewing skills. That was the first time when I wound a simple mains transformer, and a basic diode MW radio.

It was enough to arouse my interest about electronics; after that I searched for books with electronic diagrams, simple circuits, etc. One of these books was written by an amateur radio, YO7DZ now SK. Inside that book I began to understand little by little what hamradio means.

The virus was then installed in me, Hi Hi.

Meanwhile, I got my license as SWL, and also built what a ham needs in his small laboratory: a syncrodine RX for 80m band, an adjustable power supply, a simple keyer, etc. When in summer vacations, I spent few weeks every year at my grandparents at the countryside, and in the evening, when there were not many things to do, I used an AM RX to listen different commercial (or military) stations in CW. I’ve learned CW alone, but because the learning process was a long and thorough one, the ”music” is deeply fixed in my brain.

In the high school I applied for a callsign license (meaning the right to transmit…in those days it was a complicated issue, you need to be verified by secret services, and this process could take even two years long!). That was when I was 16 years old, and I did not get an answer. After a second apply, the much desired license came in October 1989, with the callsign that I have now. Until then, I’ve got all my exams and have now the highest class (class 1), in Romania.

Graduated in 1992 the Politechnic University in Bucharest, the Computers and Automation with hardware computer architecture and design as main domain.

After years, I practiced with the same pleasure homebrewing, as operating, mostly CW. I am working mainly with my homemade Picastar HF transceiver (brilliant equipment!), with a mcHF as portable QRP, also homemade, but as well I have factory made transceivers (IC-746PRO, IC-706MK2G, etc.) I have only two antennas, an Inv Vee for 80 meters, and a Hustler vertical for 40 and up. Unfortunately, urban conditions are not good for many or large antennas.

Now I am working as maintenance coordinator in the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corp., and I with my engineering team, are in charge mainly with maintaining and repairing audio equipments from the simple to the top end, used in our company.

I am married with Mihaela, and I have a boy, now a successful cellist, student in last year at the music high school. This year we are preparing for the higher education at the National Music University.

I love CW, and I am member also in FOC, HSC, and GTC. Just want to thank to my CWops club sponsors and hope for many pleasant QSO`s to come.

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