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My name is Carlos R. Guzman Esmurria, born February 1956. I first become interested in radio about the age of 18 years (1978-1979). My first radio HW-8 QRP radio add dipole antenna. Next up grade to General, December 1980 in San Juan in the Federal Communication Commission officer J.R Lawgley. Add January 1981 op to Advance. Next year up to Extra Class license.

I studied at the Bernardino Cordero vocational High School, where I graduated from automotive mechanics, then I was accepted at the Technological Institute of Ponce, there I graduated as an Engineering Technician. At the end of my studies I worked for 20 years as an automotive technician and then manager of Western Auto, for 11 years I was manager of General Motor in the parts department. Then I established my own auto parts business.

For 2010, he set up the Guzman Solar System Inc. solar panels business and acquired the “Darfon” micro inverter franchise until today.

My core family consists of my wife Yelissa Feliciano Rivera, whose profession is a Superior school teacher and my son Rafael plastic artist.

For reasons beyond my control I was removed from the radio for 20 years, for 2018 I returned to the radio until the present. For the year 1982 the CQ magazine made a report for being the fastest telegraph operator in Puerto Rico. For that year I used the letters WP4AOF. Then change my callsigns to NP4BP, for 2019 I made a vanity for KP4AF up to the present.

My radio equipment is: FTDX 3000; FT857 D; FT101; ICOM 756; ICOM 746; KENWOOD TS 1405- LINE; KENWOOD TS 4405; TR7 LINE; MLA 2500 and SB201 liner.

My antennas are mono band in 20 meters 3 elements, mono band in 6 meters 4 elements, antenna of 2 meters of 14 elements, vertical antenna from 6 to 160 meters Butternut. And dipole from 10 to 80 meters Alpha Delta. My telegraphic keys are Bencher, Vibrokeyer and Russian ct.

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