Boleslaw Baginski, SP4JFR

CWops# 3227, from Ketrzyn , Warmisnko-Mazurskie , Poland.---->View on Google maps

I was born in 1956 in Ketrzyn. In summer 1973 my friend took me to Slavek SP4GJF (SK). We went to the SP4KIE club. There, for the first time in my life, I heard CW amateur communications. They fascinated me. I asked: can this be learned? The answer was yes.

After a few months of learning and listening in the 80-m band, the time had come for the first CW QSO in my life. I was supported by my friend Janusz SP4GHT (SK). At this moment, amateur radio has become my passion.

Thanks to this, I got an interesting profession. The first SP4JFR call sign sounded on the air in July 1975. There was a very short time of fun on SSB communications. It passed pretty quickly. In 2008 I bought the TRX K2 kit. I assembled and started it. After comparing the K2 to the TS930s, I chose the K2 as my main radio. I gave the TS930s to a friend.

Currently, my main activity on the bands is CW emission. In the past years, 99.9 percent of the QSOs on the log have been CW. They give pleasure to regular QSOs and DX contacts. I also like various contests.

The microphone is on the desk and it’s covered with dust.

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