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I began my life long journey with ham radio as a sophomore in high school in 1971.  I was introduce to a ham operator, Jack Traub W1ER, in my hometown, Newtown, CT.  Jack was a great Elmer, passing my Novice exam and getting my first ticket in 1972 WN1QBW, I continued to study with Jack and passed my General Class ticket, WA1QBW.  I joined the Navy’s electronics program right out of high school and have been involved with electronics/electricity ever since.  In 1982 I upgraded to Extra Class.  RTTY/CW were my main interest in ham radio, the crowning glory of my RTTY station was a Model 28ASR.  Then things changed with computers and I purchased a HAL CT-2200 and things got a lot quieter in the shack and a lot less crowded.  Like many, I have seen a lot of changes in ham radio in almost 50 years in the hobby but one things that remains dear to me is CW.  I was disappointed when CW was dropped as a requirement for a ticket, but that’s life.  Today only those who really want it will learn and they seem to me to carry on the tradition of what it means to be a ham.

Over the years, I have used the skills I learned in ham radio and the Navy to always find employment and it was that background the opened the doors for me to a small electric cooperative in central Indiana.  I my first assignment with them was to read meters and through the years I have progress through the ranks to become a general manager with three different cooperatives from Upstate NY to NW Oregon.  And through all that I’ve always kept a ham station going and on the air almost everyday.  It has been a great hobby, I’ve meet a lot great men and women because of it and have had a lot of fond memories.  I intend to make some new friends here and hope to have an eyeball QSO with some and maybe a cold 807 or two.

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