Alexander Crispo, KA9OUT

CWops# 3139, from Lafayette , IN , USA.---->View on Google maps

First, I want to thank my instructor for the nomination. I also want to give a big shout out to all my classmates this year and previous years for their support, encouragement, and friendship.

My interest in ham radio started as a kid living in New York City. Dad was a TV repairman and taught me a bit about electronics. I also had a good friend who had an entire basement filled with what we would call boat anchors today, but back then it was state of the art. While in college I built my first Heathkit receiver and that is when my interest really took off.

I got my Novice license in 1984. That first ticket required 5 words per minute code, and I did nothing but CW in my early years. Life got in the way, and I dropped the hobby until the I got my General and Extra in 2010-2011 and started my present ham shack.

I presently operate an Icom 7610 with an Elecraft KPA 500 amplifier and have a vertical, several dipoles, and a Hexbeam as antennas.

I enjoy chasing DX and just plain ole rag chewing. I am an ARRL member and enjoy chasing their awards. I also belong to Fists, SKCC, YL System, Geritol Net, QCWA, OMISS, and 10-10.

Born in Brooklyn NY, attended Clarkson University, and received my BS and MS in Industrial Management After graduation worked for Alcoa Aluminum for 28 years in upstate, NY, Pittsburgh PA, and Lafayette, IN. I took an early retirement and went over to Purdue University to teach leadership in the Collège of Technology. I retired as a full Professor in 2016.

I am presently involved as president of our local ham club and serve on the board of directors for a project to build a planetarium in Tupper Lake NY, a town that became dear to me when we had our summer residence there for over 20 years.

I also enjoy woodworking, model rail roads, photography and now CW.

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