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I would like to thank Buz, AC6AC, my CWA Advanced class advisor for nominating me to this great organization. I would also like to thank my sponsors: Chas, K3WW; Steve, K8BZ; Bud, AA3B; Jim, KE8G and Serge, VA3SB.

My older brother, Warren, K2ORS was licensed in the 1970’s when he was a teenager, and he was my initial introduction to amateur radio. However, I did not obtain a license at that time- interestingly the Morse code requirement was the barrier that prevented me from getting licensed.

Finally, after college, career and raising a family (two grown daughters) I received my General license in May 2016 and Amateur Extra in March 2018.

I discovered the CW Academy in late 2018 and signed up for the January 2019 Basic Class. My advisor was Glenn, W4YES and Associate Advisor Phil, W2OZB. I followed up with the Intermediate level class lead by Bill, KC4D and this September/October, I completed the Advanced level with Buz, AC6AC and Tamara, VA7ETR, Associate Advisor. After going through three classes, I can say that the CW Academy is a fantastic program, and I was fortunate to have outstanding mentors for all the classes. Their encouragement and enthusiasm for Morse code and helping students is very motivating. I would like to thank all that volunteer in the CWA program for providing a great service to the ham radio community.

I have a modest station using an IC-7410 as my main rig and a FT-991A for digital and traveling. Antennas are a ground mounted Hustler 6BTV and a ladder line fed doublet. I recently found an interest in QRP operations and set up in the backyard or local parks with either a Yaesu FT-818, YouKits HB-1B or when I need a little more power, a Xiegu G-90.

I enjoy CW ragchews and participating in CWTs since I started the advanced class. I am also active in SKCC events and enjoy state QSO Parties and working special events stations. I am usually on 80-15m with two thirds of my QSO’s being CW and the balance a mix of sideband, RTTY, and digital.

I have a bachelor and master’s degree in mechanical engineering and am a licensed professional engineer in several states. I am retiring at the end of this year after a forty-year career in engineering design, consulting, and management in several fields. My career began with oil refinery process design then going on to project management and consulting for several manufacturing plants. The last twenty years I was involved in designing and managing projects for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. I am looking forward to enjoying ham radio, traveling, and spending time with family in retirement.

Other hobbies include photography (digital and B&W film), wood and metal working, cooking (especially BBQ), reading and hiking.

I am a proud member of the following organizations: ARRL, FISTS, Long Island CW Club, and the NAQCC. My local club is the South Jersey Radio Association where I am the newsletter editor and active with their Field Day Operation.

I am excited and honored to be part of CWops and looking forward to being an active CWops member. Thank you all for accepting me into this club and I hope to catch you on the air.

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