Zsike Turi, HA1AS

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I am Erzsebet (Zsike) Turi, and I am very glad to be a new member in the CWops.

My English is sadly very poor. My story is: when I was 4-5 years old, my uncle worked at the railway and he used Morse communication there. I saw that and it was very awe inspiring for me. So at the high school in 1968-72 I have taken a Morse exam and got an operator licence at the city club of Gyor (HA1KSA). Then in the university years at the city club of Szeged (HA8KCK). My own licence HA1AS I got in 1988.

I use almost only CW, and more less SSB in Hungarian and German. I can read quite a lot English, but I cannot speak.

I am a mathematician, and I work as computer programmer in the small own firm with three colleagues. I am already retired, but we work furthermore. My partner also has a HAM licence, he is HA7JDU, and he is interested in construction, and mostly in DIGI mode, more, less in SSB and CW. Unfortunately nobody else from the family is interested in HAM radio, children have other hobbies.

Now we already have a little more time for hobby. Our rigs are Yaesu FT 920, FL-7000, ICOM IC-746, IC-7400, homemade amplifier. Antennas are 4 element Yagi, pyramid and dipoles. I am especially very glad because my number, 3388 is very-very nice. I see, that it’s not a coincidence, since 3386 and 3387 are missing. Thank you very much for that. Of course I will participate on activities and read the newsletter too.

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