Vince Alvino, W2KU

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I was first involved in radio in 1982. The CB craze was still going strong and we had a club full of members. I spent the next 7 years involved until 1989. I became very busy with life and moved on to payments and bills. Time went by, and in 2017, my life started to slow down and I went for my amateur license.

My first callsign was KD2OOW, I shortened it as soon as I could to W2KU. I joined my local club and met Arnie, W2OB. He was the closest thing to an Elmer I had. He taught me about QSL cards and propagation patterns. My club is mostly into emergency management and I am an Auxcomm member of our county emergency management team.

I spend most of my free time studying, learning, and making contacts. The rest of my free time is spent with my girl, Christine K2CTW.

My current station consists of an FT DX 3000 and a 991A as a dual band all mode radio. A Palstar manual tuner and the Palstar LA1K covers the power when needed. A couple of loop antennas do the hard work. An LP 100A keeps watch over the SWR and power.

I wanted to know CW because I was interested and feel that we amateurs should know it. I joined CWA and after a few classes, I graduated the advanced class and became #3124. I am very grateful for such a great program with amazing instructors.

There is still much more I want to learn. I enjoy building antennas and have plans to build a few more. I also want to learn electronics, at least what I can. My electrical background should help a little.

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