Val Chaly , UR2Y

Hello! Thanks for joining the club!

A little about myself. I have been in amateur radio since I was 15. This year I was 60 years old. First, a circle in the house of Young Technicians. Then SWL call UB5-082-143 work on collective radio stations UK5YAN Daily work and in competitions. In 1982 received the callsign UB5YDY after reforming the callsigns US0YW.

Contest callsigns UT7Y and currently UR2Y. I do not work for diploma programs, only in contests. Won a lot of tests …. 2016 2017 won IARU contexts SO 20 M SSB LOW POWER.

Since 1998, my position has been in the Bukovyna Carpathians on the Megura mountain 1313 meters high. I only use solar energy for electricity. There is also a mountain hotel Kovcheg. I am the owner of this establishment.

I work all tests with low power without an amplifier for lack of powerful energy. Calling my wife US5YLY.

Thanks again for admitting to the club.