Tyler Kascor, VA6TI

CWops# 3280, from Lethbridge , AB , Canada.---->View on Google maps

I was first licensed in 2014 having moved to Lethbridge, Alberta from Ontario. I had some time on my hands and had always been fascinated with radios in my youth. I figured I should put that time to use and after studying for a while I wrote the test in Medicine Hat as I couldn’t find anyone local at the time to administer the test, either that or I was too impatient to wait. I drove down on a snowy January day and the rest is history.

I was active on the bands for a few months with 10m being pretty good to me at the time but eventually a new opportunity came up on the east coast so I packed my bags (and radios) and made the move. I often considered hooking up my rig and did in fact create a temporary setup in New Brunswick but didn’t wind up using it. I put in some brief stints working at the U of S in Saskatchewan around 2016 and eventually an opportunity came up for me to come back to Lethbridge circa 2018.

I stumbled across some videos of K4SWL on YouTube doing his real time POTA activations and I became interested in the compact rigs and QRP operation. I began to learn with LCWO and after that I was hooked. I decided to treat myself to an IC705 and then a KX2 for better CW. After all, (n+1) is always best.

I joined CWops and learned from KA7MDM whom I am grateful to for having provided such great classes and steadfast instruction. I quickly started activating a few times a week and began racking up contacts, you can follow some of the exploits on my website tylerkacsor.com if you’re so inclined. From POTA I ventured into contesting over the last year and more recently rag chews.

I have many hobbies including playing chess on chess.com as well as following the game. Otherwise I enjoy cycling, hanging with my dog Moose & partner Carrie. I also maintain hobbies in music, writing (business), and photography.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to working you all in the near future.

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