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Now that I am a member since about three months, I think it is time to say Thank You!

My thanks go to Keith GØHKC for my nomination as well as to Will MIØWWB, Fanis SV2BBK and Hanz YL3JD for being my sponsors within two days after my nomination.

Seen the 10 years existence of CWops, three months is a short period. But within this period, I was already able to work over 500 different members, either in conversational QSOs or during contests. So, my thanks go as well to the whole CWops community for being very active.

It is due to Hans Kretschmar DF1SR (SK), my Elmer in a ham radio course in 1979 that I got my license. I have been active in portable operations in Germany and in France in CW mode. QRP transceivers like the Elecraft KX1 and K2 were fun to build and to use. Actually, I like to operate from the club station DKØSU due to its antennas (… the X7 beam for the 20, 15 and 10m band being my favourite). Being an electronics engineer I love home-brewing and antenna experiments.

After my studies I have been working in the intellectual property field as a patent-engineer. There have been long pauses in my ham radio activity. But then there was the 2016 Christmas party at the club station DKØSU of the ARC at the University of Stuttgart. During this event Relly DJØMCH infected me with the DX-virus. This infection took a serious development and thanks to the well-equipped club station (and LoTW) I got my DXCC-CW within three months of activity in 2017.

Apart from hunting for new entities/band slots I like to chat and to work all areas of foreign countries. Sprints, contests and special event activities regularly attract my attention. So far I am not a real contester but I always try to do my best within a given short time frame of a few hours. Thanks to CWTs I am getting better in the RUN-mode of N1MM Logger+.

When I heard of the CW Academy, I did not hesitate to sign up for an Advanced Course to improve head copying and accuracy in sending Morse code. I like to thank advisor Keith GØHKC and assistant-advisor Kit GØJPS and my fellow student colleagues for the very enjoyable and fruitful time spent together during the course.

Since August 2020 I participate in the Giving Back program of the CW Academy. I am glad to have been accepted into CWops and look forward to working a lot of you on the air.

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