Sven Lovric , DJ4MX

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At first, I would like to thank Philipp (DK6SP) for nominating me, and that I got so many sponsors after only some hours. And as well big thanks to DL6KVA, WT9U, K1VUT, PA3AAV, WT8P and G3WZD for being my sponsors.

I was born in May 2002 and I´m now 18 years old. I have been almost my entire life in contact with amateur radio, because my father (DJ2MX) is also a ham. At first, I didn´t really know what he was doing all the time in front of the radio and I found it funny when he was doing CW, because I only heard that “strange” sounds.

In 2015 my dad requested a training-callsign (DN5MX) for the “training contest” by DARC, and he asked me if I would like to operate a bit and make my fist QSOs. I was a bit scared at first and didn’t wanted to talk into the microphone, but after some practice it was really fun and I couldn’t get enough of it. I operated with DN5MX mostly contests in SSB and RTTY, and in May 2017 I passed the exam for the novice class, and got my callsign DO4MX, some months later in September 2017 I upgraded to the “full” license and got my callsign DJ4MX.

Since then I operated almost only SSB und occasionally some RTTY in contests. But my dad always told me that I have to learn CW to have the most fun in amateur radio. So, I started to practice with LCWO in 2019 but after some weeks I had lost the motivation and stopped again, but my CW was good/bad enough to give “dj4mx” and “5nn tu” and so I made my first CW QSO´s. But during my free time in the lockdown I practiced a lot with LCWO and Morse Runner and improved a lot. At the moment I really enjoy CW contesting, and especially the weekly CWTs.

Since March 2019 I also hold a Croatian Callsign, at first 9A5AAX and since March 2020 9A5MX. You will most likely hear me operating remote from the 9A1TT station in Contests. I´m also a member of the Bavarian Contest Club, and in the past, I was mostly QRV in Contests as DJ4MX in single op entries or as DP4X together with my dad in multi op entries, and from our club station DK0EE.

Apart from contesting I enjoy chasing DXCCs, activating and chasing SOTA summits and when we are on holiday in Croatia activating Islands for the IOTA and IOCA program.

I finished school in May this year and now I start to study electrical engineering at the Munich University of Applied Sciences in October this year. I hope I still have as much time for the radio in the next few years during my study as the last few months, and I get to operate the weekly CWTs in the future.

Thanks again and hope to cu on the bands, in or outside a contest.

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