Stefan Klein, DL1NKS

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Started in 1999 with my first call I trained CW a lot in 2000 and did the CW exam in spring 2001. Over the years I operated more and more and today a day without radio is a bad day for me.

I only operate CW and SSB but my favourite mode is CW.

2015 I operated 2325h in one year and achieved nearly 72k QSOs. This was really crazy because my retirement is far away and I have to go to work daily.

I got up many days a week at 2.00 local time, worked the bands 3h, made the breakfast for me and my wife and then we drove to work. After work I continued operating until going to bed.

This was no FT8 and until today every single CQ is done by the op at DL1NKS. Not pushing F1 or F2 or so, not clicking on the DX cluster spot to change frequency.

Also in contests, all is done by the op here. I like the hard way and I am still having fun after many hours into CQWW pushing the number of QSO over 2000 with a station not running automatically. So today there are more than 700,000 QSOs in my logbook.

As you can see I really enjoy our great hobby and every time being on the bands I meet good friends I have contacted many times before. I searched my log and I see such famous calls like AA3B with more than 800 QSOs and K3WW with more than 500 QSOs with me.

I participated in so many CWTs ending up right now with more than 7800 QSOs only in CWTs. So it seems I have worked many of you!

I am member of DARC, BCC, GDXF. Not only interested in contesting, I am also hunting DXCC, IOTA, RDA etc. My current DXCC total is 326, DXCC Challenge 2312. Perhaps now you know why I am saying on the bands “I am Steve the crazy little boy from Germany.”

One last thing I have to explain about the “little boy”.

Almost every second QSO I am asked. “Oh nice pictures at but why are you showing your son, Steve?” If this happens, I am sitting here with a big smile on my face, saying, “The little strong boy holding the tower is me, not my son”.

My surname is “Klein.” The German meaning of “Klein“ is small or little. So it fits perfect to me when am saying: 73, your friend Steve DL1NKS, the little boy from Germany

My second hobby is riding my bicycles. Road bike in summer. During wintertime mountain bike with Spikes on the tires ending up 10,000 -12,000 km a year.

Last but not least I would like to say a big thank you to my greatest supporter. My lovely wife Carmen. Without her all this crazy things never would be possible. Thank you Carmen!

I am looking forward to meet you all my new CWops friends on the bands.

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